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More Vintage Valentine Day Cards

These vintage Valentines Day cards cover a broader time range and include Valentine's Day cards from the late 50's and early 60's. We know this because of small turntable begin to appear in Valentine's card. In one Valentine's Day card the little boy is smoking a pipe! Boy have times changed.

Additional Cards: Valentine's Day Cards, Valentine's Day Cards Page 2

Valentines Cards - Music
As American homes started to have radios, record players and more eletronics, the theme of love and music made it's way into Valentine's Day cards as well.

Valentine's Day Card - Party Girl
This one appears to be a little older than the one above as you have to hand crank the turntable!
You Auto Be My Valentine

Tarzan Type Valentines Day Card
Inspired by Tarzan?
Valentines Day Card - Crystal Ball

Valentines Cards with Crystal Ball
Cute assortment of Crystal Ball Valentine's Day Cards

Fun V-Day Card
The telephone is a clue to the age of this Valentine.
Handyman Valentine Card
This one would be re-written today so that the intension was clear. Seems little it might be a little R Rated for todays schools.
Love - Valentine Card
This Valentine Card is a sure sign, things are not moving fast enough.
Boy Smoking Pipe Valentine Card
I sure the idea was an image of a friendly boy just working away, but to have him smoking a pipe just isn't a Sweetheart of a deal .
Vintage Valentine Card
This card, I found a more creepy than cute.
What I find most intereting in Valentine's Day cards is the little details that define the time period of the Valentine; the phone, the iron, a turntable and even clothing. Consider reviewing your children's Valentine's Day cards and see if you notice a cell phone, iPod, laptop or iPad or comments concerning the internet. Years from now those items will define our Valentine's Day cards to us.

More Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day Cards Page 2
Valentine's Day Cards Page 3

Valentine's Day Gifts

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