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Valentine's Day Cards - Vintage Cards

Valentine's Day cards have been shared for over 100 years and they catch a moment in time. This assortment of vintage Valentine's Day cards give us an idea of how things have changed. Here are a variety of Vintage Valentine's Day cards from the 1920's - 1940's that offer a glimpse of messages shared by sweathearts years ago.

Some of these Valentine's Day cards are funny, others cute and other just caught my eye as being unique. Enjoy and have a Happy Valentine's Day!
Additional Cards: Valentine's Day Cards Page 2, Valentine's Day Cards Page 3

Vintage Valentine's Day Cards
Fun and Cute!

Sidewalk Valentine Card
This Valentine Card put a little girl in tears!
Valentine on Patrol
This Valentine is on the Beat
Majorette & Band Valentine's Day Cards
Band & Majorette Themed Valentine's Day Cards and the first one kind of resembles Shirley Temple a little bit.
Sweet Valentine's Day Card

Lionel Train Valentine's Day Card
Um... I can't believe how they used the word "Train!"

Butter Churn Valentine Card

Vintage Valentine Card
Would kids today know what they are doing?
Flying Themed Valentine's Day Cards
Flying Themed Valentine's Day Cards that are full of color.
Indian Valentine Day Card
This 1950's card would not make it in the stores today.
Stock Market Valentine's Day Card
Sometimes what's old is new again. A Stock Exchange Valentine
More Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day Cards Page 2
Valentine's Day Cards Page 3

Valentine's Day Gifts

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